Main Street Road Closure, Saturday, June 2, 7am-5pm, SEE DETOURS | PARKING & SHUTTLES

Parade Participant Details

Download Parade Map

Check-in, Staging & Route Details

  • Main Street Closes at 7am, between Virginia and 143rd.  No vehicles, including tractors or parade cars will be let through.  Please take detour or come up north on 203 from roundabout.
  • Parking available on side streets.
  • If you have a vehicle registered in the parade you must enter from the south on Highway 203 (south of grande parade lineup). THIS IS THE ONLY PARADE ENTRANCE, YOU CANNOT ENTER FROM ANY OTHER WAY
  • Be sure to display your barricade pass in your vehicles.
  • If you need a barricade pass, and did not receive one already via email, please email
  • Check-in starts at 9:00 AM in the lot on Main Street next to the former Union Bank building, now Redemption Church, across from Valley Street.
  • You will be provided a lineup number.
  • Numbered cones will mark parade entrant spots along 203.
  • Please be in line and ready by 10:00AM.

Kiddie Parade

  • Check-in starts at 9:00 AM in the parking lot below the Thai Restaurant.
  • Kiddie Parade Participants, make sure you have WAIVERS filled out.  There will be copies of the waivers to fill out at kiddie parade registration.
  • If you plan to be in on the kiddie parade, please email the waiver for the Kiddie Parade or be sure you bring a waiver to Parade Registration on Saturday morning!
  • All Kiddie Parade participants should be assembled in parking lot in front of Thai Duvall on Valley Street by 10am - please stay in parking lot and do not block Valley Street.
  • Registration is in the parking lot of Duvall Thai Restaurant.
  • Kiddie pick-up is in parking lot at 1st and Stella, across the street from Riverview School District building.
  • Please be checked in, waivers signed by 10:00AM.

Lineup and Go Details

  • Grand Parade Lineup is on 203 South of Valley Street
  • Parade begins at 10:30am with Kiddie Parade first then Grand Parade immediately after
  • Continue walking, dancing, moving after parade –  right on Stewart St and right on 1st  to Parade pickup area.  This allows the parade to keep moving with no holdups.
  • Parade is expected to end between 11:00am-11:30am.

Parade Exit Planning Required

  • Please let us know if you need special parade exit planning!
  • The parade is supposed to continue walking, dancing, and moving by turning right on Stewart Street, up the hill and use side streets to traverse town.
  • Only the kiddie parade participants are supposed to turn right on 1st to the Parade pick up area.  All other parade participants need to use the side streets to exit the parade, find parking, etc.
  • We need to know if you are a larger vehicle that can't make the right turn right up Stewart St. and collaborate on an clear exit path so you don't block the flow of the end of the parade.

General Parade Etiquette

While preparing to walk or perform in the parade, keep the following in mind:

  1. Floats are encouraged, but might have size restrictions due to the width of the street. (See Parade Banner information below)
  2. NO CANDY THROWING, you may only hand candy or favors to parade watchers.
  3. We encourage each parade entrant needs to appoint a "safety manager" to walk with the group and focus on keeping the crowd back and keep kids from running across the street.
  4. The order of parade participants is determined in advance.  If you have special requests contact the parade leadership at least 48 hours in advance!

Parade Judging

  • Parade entries will be judged this year by a panel of judges on the Main Stage (located at the corner of Main Street and Stella Street).
  • All parade entries will stop in front of the Main Stage and Judges.
  • You must limit your routine so the parade doesn't get backed up.
  • Judges will be judging on the following categories: Animal, Team, Band, Float, People Walking, Vehicle and Best of Parade.
  • Winners will be announced at the end of the parade at Main Stage and on Facebook.
  • Winners will also be called with the news to coordinate trophy pick up.

Parade banner and helpful street width information.

  1. The most narrow area along Main Street is the North side of Stella & Main & it’s 16’ wide.
  2. The median down Main Street is 7.5 feet wide. To be able to span the median a banner will have to be 10 or 12 feet long.
    1. If you have a banner that is less than 10'  it will have to be on one side of the street or the other, once you hit the area of Main Street where the median resides.
  3. For reference, Duvall Rotary Club uses these size banners when marching =  12' long and 2' wide for the Kiddie and Grand Parade banners.

Not Registered?  Register HERE

send proof of insurance to:
for vehicles and floats only.

Registered Participants will show here as they register!

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