Thank you for a fantastic 57th Duvall Days Festival

See you next year on June 2, 2018

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Duvall Days is a 2-day family focused FREE festival planned and run by all volunteers.  2017's festival was the biggest yet, with close to 200 volunteers.  We want to thank some of them here, even though there are probably so many more.


Susan Alling, Pat Andrus, Brian Antonson, Erik Ashby, Lillian Ashby, Jeff Bean, Krissy Bean, Nathan Bean, Nancy Benson Perry, Jeremy Bostron, Haylee Bostron, Kami Bostron, Brett  Bostron, Jennifer Brooks, Bella  Burpee, Lorna Bussing, Steve Bussing, Byron Byrne, Ben Cammarano, Shelly Campbell, Shauna Cardon, Jeff Cardon, Mike Carmona, Will Chappell, Joe Chriest, Cayenne Churchill, McKenzie Churchill, Lon Collins, Kari Cullimore, Evie Darrington, Spence Darrington, Kian Darrington, Elyse Darrington, Aiden Darrington, Coulson Darrington, Nick Daum, Mitch David, Curt Drake, Sandy Duvall, Danny Edwards, Kristen Edwards, Katie Ellsworth , Brett Elmer , Marissa Farrell, David Farrell, Amy Frampton, Jeff Fullmer, Mike Gangle, Toni Gangler, Aria Garland, Louissa Garm, Ann Marie Gill, Marshall Gill, Eva Gill, Brooke Gill, Heather Goetz, Blue Heron Golf Course, Joshua Guidry, Sarah Gunderson, Kimmy Hajek, Darla Hajek, Daisy Hajek, Patti Halgren, Chad Hansen, Briggs Hansen, Olivia Hansen, Janeen Hansen, Emily Hansen, Ken Haroldsen, Steffi Haroldsen, Lucy Harper, Isaac Harper, Tanner Hatch, Alison Hawkins, John Hawkins, Mark Hegewald, Sarah Hegewald, Morgan Henley, Rachel Hess, Kimberly Hobson Piira, Helen Hoenig, Maegan Holm, Sara Huebner , Melissa Hunt, Clara Hunt, Mayor Will Ibershof, David Iron, Dale Jenkins, Zach Jenkins, Ann Jenkins, Jami Jenkins, Brett Jenkins, Robin Johnson, Jennifer Jones LaTurner, H Kelliher Bondar, Ian King, Grace Kufeldt, Anna Lamb, Davis Lamb, Corben Lamb, Ryan LaTurner, Cade LaTurner, Matt LaTurner, Paul Leon, Cameron Linerud, Ryan Linerud, Joanne Linerud, Sue Linnerooth, Monique Linz, David Mackintosh, Principal Jack Madigan, Indira Mandoske, Kiren McBride, Jennifer McGeary, Tania McLaughlin, Donna Meade, Carnation-Duvall Medical Reserve Corps, Meredith, The McBrides, Regina Millard, Rob Millard, Mason Millard, Zach Miller, Danielle Moody, Pamela Morris, City Administrator Matt  Morton, Fred Mundy, Michael Nemeth, Emily Nesbit, Katie Norris, Christi Norris, Kati Oliver, Zach Orchard, Cari Orme, Colleen Pace, Natalie Pace, Noah Pace, Cub Scout Pack 569, Anna Painter, Katy Perry, Rachel Perry, Jeff Piira, Elisa  Piira, Jeff Piira, City of Duvall Public Works crew, Lori Quintero, Carlos Reynoso, Juliana Reynoso, Nathan Rhodes, Kaley Ryan, Stashia Ryan, Elaine Sawyer, Mike Seamons, Michele Seamons, Logan Seamons, Scott Shaw, Emily Shaw, Preston Shaw, Andrea Shaw, Brady Shaw, NJ  Shelsby, Vickie Skinner, McKenzie Smith, Mike Smith, Serena Smith,Shelby Sorenson, Jerry Sprute, Misha Stewart, Charlie Svedberg, Declan Svedberg, Hannah Svedberg, Stacey Swanson Reddy, Marcus Swenson, Jennifer Tai, Scott Thompson, Claire Thompson, Dan Thompson, Oscar Thompson, Kathryn Thompson, Lindsey Tolson, Shaun Tozier, Norman Villaroman, Ryan Vogrinec, Nadja Vol-Ochs Wilson, Kirk Werner, Hudson Whetten, Emily Whetten, Stephanie Wicker, Robin Woelz, Heather Wyman, Debra Young, Kyle Young


2017 DUVALL DAYS PARADE judging results:

Favorite Band: Cedarcrest High School
Favorite Vehicle: American Legion Historic Vehicles
Favorite Animals: Hoofs & Paws 4H
Favorite People Walking: PFLAG
Favorite Float: Hillside Academy
Favorite Team: Cedarcrest High School Cheerleaders
Favorite Overall: Ixtapa dancing horses

Thank you to our judges, Helen Hoenig, William Chappel & Lorna Bussing.

Cow Pie Bingo Winner:

Dave Irion, Square 232

 Company or PersonItemBall #Name On Ticket
1stStillwater Elementary PTSA$500 Cash Grand Prize432Tessa Azami
2ndTellus Project (Jason Hershey)Samsung Galaxy Tablet & Office 365 Software557CHRISTI IRWIN
3rdAntonelli’s Photography Family Photo Package875T. WILLIAMSON
4thGreen Planet Carpet Cleaning1 Certificate for Carpet Cleaning991CARMEN LOVE
5thHeather JordanGift Certificate for Heather Jordan at Bella Couture500CHRISTINE HILLESTAD
6thAntonelli’s Photography Pet Photo Package 627EMILY CHRISTENSEN
7thUline Folding tableFolding Table818TIM FOLEY
8thJ&J Snack FoodsPacks of Pretzels Gift Certificate997GINNY KORES
9thSeahawksFootball Signed by Blitz161MIREILLE BELLEMARE
10thMetcalf Chiropractic1 Hour Massage266KELLI ALTMYER
11thBae Bae Cakes$50 Gift Certificate204DEB SWANSON
12thCherry Valley Macaroni KidBoredom Buster Kit533LORI OVIATT
13thCountry CollectionsBig Foot Package828DAVID IRION
14thChristine Tapert$40 DoTerra Gift Certificate989CARMEN LOVE
15thSuper Jock & JillCertificate for Kids Shoes463KERRI JWENEMANN
16thSarah SaryThirty-One Bag386JARED HOLEMAN
17thNWAC Paint Night CertPaint Night Certificate684MARK SIMON
18thNWAC Paint Night CertPaint Night Certificate43KRISTINE NELSON
19thAmy HartHandmade Necklace81REBECCA MANJARREZ
20thCherry Valley PTSASand Toys & CCs Gift Card804CHARLES DAWSON
21stCarmen Nemeth$25 Lula Roe Gift Certificate583DAVID O'BRIEN
22ndJessica RobinsonPair of Lula Roe Leggings - Tall & Curvy535ANTHONY SMITH
23rdJessica RobinsonPair of Lula Roe Leggings - One Size361JOE AYERS
24thJennifer WalkerMy Fair Lady Skin Care Gift Certificate617DUVALL GRILL
25thJennifer WalkerMy Fair Lady Skin Care Gift Certificate850ABIGAIL SANCHEZ
26thNat Nelson - Jamberry Packs $15 Jamberry Packs601SUE HENRIKSON
27thNat Nelson - Jamberry Packs $15 Jamberry Packs906JEFF BRADLEY


There were so many great memories made at the 2017 Duvall Days Festival. We thank everyone who captured those memories in videos and images especially these photographers. Please click on these images to see their photos.

Also, check out these publically shared photos on Facebook.


Do you have a question or are you interested in being a part of Duvall Days in 2018?  Please contact us through this form.  Please know we are a group of volunteers and will get back to you as soon as possible...may be longer over the summer.  

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An event like this is an expensive endeavor and we couldn't do it without our annual sponsors (please visit our 2017 sponsors below).  However, we could always use more donations to help us bring more music, better activities, and bigger fireworks.  If you are interested in donating to the festival please fill out the form below and let us know if it is ok to thank you publically.  Thank you in advance.

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Thank you to our sponsors!  Without them Duvall Days could not happen.  
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