Duvall Days:

Saturday, JUNE 12, 2021 (new date!)

Update on Duvall Days

updated: June 3, 2021
After much thought and consideration due to the massively rainy weather this weekend, the Duvall Days team has decided to move the roaming music, fireworks festival TO ONE WEEK LATER - June 12th - same times, same format!  You just can't have roaming music and rain because it's too risky for people and it just doesn't really work out.

Nobody stress because Morgan Henley and I have already done that for everyone. Yes, it's also graduation weekend, so I guess the beautiful CHS class of 2021 grads will have a concert and fireworks on Saturday!  So, let's just all look at the upside. It's not canceled, it's just moved to a weekend where it works better for safety reasons and the weather is better. More information forthcoming with updates on social media and changes to the website.

- Your DDF Team Event Planners

We will not be having a parade or vendors
at this year's Duvall Days.
There still will be music and fireworks!

Non - Gathering FIREWORKS

The Duvall Days Festival is recommending we will have non-gathering fireworks- much like Carnation did last year for the 4th. Meaning you can watch a nice show from your home. Let’s hope for NO RAIN!

Please thank these Main Sponsors that are bringing this year’s Fireworks to us! Christi Irwin, Premier Real Estate The Irwin Group and Issaquah Cedar & Lumber Co.


see musician info, route and times below

This year we will not be having vendors on Main Street or park gatherings. We will be having roaming music through the streets of Duvall with the Marshall Law Band (whose album, 12th & Pine, is under consideration for a Pulitzer Prize!) Thank you to the music sponsor Duvall Veterinary Hospital for helping make this happen.

We are waiting on the ok from the City of Duvall to publish the Roaming Music path!  We are trying to hit *most* of Duvall.


see musician info below

Our team has procured some street corner music for the evening of June 5th (approx 6-8pm, COVID distance style, no seating) so you can come into Duvall and enjoy some local restaurants! We have added 3 street corner musicians and three locations in Downtown Duvall.

Thank You
Duvall Days team!

P.S.  Sunday's REF RUN is not happening this year.  Please see the Duvall Firefighter's Pancake Breakfast Facebook page for any updates.

Day-time Roaming Musicians

These are the musicians who will be roaming through the streets of Duvall from 12-5pm, Saturday June 5, 2021. 

The Marshall Law Band

Marshall Law EPK

Fusion of Hip Hop/Jazz/Rock. Since forming in 2017, Marshall Law Band (MLB), has grown from an unknown funk-hop six-piece to a lauded community collective to the house band of the Seattle Black Live Matter movement. The group's music focuses on individual empowerment and positive community change through the filter of hard-hitting hip-hop vocals laid over funk instrumentation.

Roaming Musician Map through Duvall

DDroutemap copy3

click to see a bigger map

Music will be played on this route from 12pm-5pm with the Marshall Law Band.

Evening Street Corner Musicians

These are the musicians who will be performing on the corners of main street Duvall, the evening of June 5, 2021 6-8pm. 
Come on down and enjoy a meal and some good music.

Garrett Hendricks


Singer Songwriter. For nearly ten years he fronted Pacific Northwest Americana band, Garrett and the Sheriffs, cutting his teeth in bars, clubs, bonfires, and salmon barbecues all through the west. Now as a solo performer Garrett continues to search for new stories. He writes songs that reflect the past, present, and future of the American land and its people taking inspiration from his own journeys and those of the people and places he has encountered.

Buddy Do-Wrong & The Ne'er Do Wells


A band born of the NEED to make music in a VERY strange new world. Come along for the ride, won't ya?

Alex Blum


This band from Washington state plays mostly original music that is an alternative blend of rock, country, blues, folk, and pop.

A special thank you to Morgan Henley Presents for booking the musicians.

Our 2021 Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors!  Without them Duvall Days could not happen.  
Please click on their logo to learn more about their business and give them a big thank you for their support!

Fireworks Sponsors

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