Duvall Days Vendor FAQs

Where will I enter the barricade the morning of the festival?

  • Main Street and Duvall Police Dept Lot Vendors will enter at 2nd & Valley Street.
  • McCormick Park Vendors will enter at the Snoqualmie Valley Trailhead.

When will I receive my load in/out packet?

  • This information will be emailed to you the week before Duvall Days.

I’m a non-profit vendor, can I give away ice cream during the festival if it’s hot?

  • No, only food vendors who have gone through the appropriate approvals with the Health Department are allowed to sell or give away food.

Where do I send my Certificates of Insurance (COI)?

Can I drive my vehicle around inside the closure during the festival?

  • No, there will be roughly 5,000-7,000 people roaming the streets. You must find your booth, unload your vehicle and park in a designated parking lot until the festival is over.

Can I bring a go cart or golf cart to drive around?

  • No, only Duvall Days Festival Staff, Duvall Police Department & Duvall Fire Department are allowed to use any motorized vehicles behind the barricades the day of the festival.

Will Duvall Days Festival help me clean up my garbage after the festival?

  • No, every vendor is responsible for cleaning up their own space near them. We do however provide garbage/recycle bins

Does Duvall Days provide power or water for my booth?

No power or water is provided to any vendor.

Can I bring my own generator?

  • Yes, you can bring your own generator as long as it’s 25 ft away from any booth or building.

Does Duvall Days provide Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) for me?

  • No, we do not provide any wireless internet for any booths, you can bring your own hot spot and use that off your phone, if your plan allows.


Additional Questions? Contact: Vendors@DuvalDays.Org