Duvall Days wants to ensure that our businesses continue to run smoothly on June 1, 2019.  With the road closure we acknowledge that can make doing business extra challenging.  Here are some very important details you need to know regarding the road closure and how your business can manage getting your employees/ deliveries in and out of the various barricades in Duvall.  Because there will be a high amount of foot traffic, citizens and vendors  on 203 starting around 7am, we want to ensure that we follow strict rules of safety are followed as set forth by our own festival, our city and our Police Department.

  • For 2019, Hwy 203 will close at 7am and re-open at 5pm for festival activities.  See Road Closure Map for 2019
  • We encourage all business to plan ahead for deliveries and staffing!
    1. DELIVERIES: We encourage PLAN AHEAD deliveries – Friday or earlier in the week or BEFORE 7am on the day of the festival.
    2. No Deliveries may come down MAIN STREET (Hwy 203) AFTER 7am, but they can enter via the road closure designated areas with a permit.  These areas are located at 2nd and Valley St and down by the Woodinville Duvall Park and Ride on the other side of the road closure. 
  • We also can provide businesses WITH DELIVERIES/STAFF in the closure zone Barricade Entry Permits to enter the road closure.  This will provide the uniform officers at the designated road closure the necessary information to allow passage.
  • To Request a permit – scroll below to submit the Duvall Days Barricade Entry Form and we will assign you a permit.
  • Questions ? We can answer them!  Contact us at info@duvalldays.org