Frog Jump Competition

 BYOF (Bring Your Own Frog

Competition will be held at Depot Park, starting at 1:00pm on Saturday, June 2nd
Bring your frog in a container (bucket, tub, etc) with a lid with holes down to Depot Park anytime before 1pm

Sign up at the Duvall Days desk in the Visitor Center until 1:00pm on June 2nd


Where to find a frog?

There are many storm water ponds where you could probably find them. Most sites have a fence around them but the one at Legacy Ridge (286th Ave near the high school) is unfenced as is one in Fawn Meadows (276th Ave a block east and two north of Judd Park). We do not encourage access to the sites so please be careful and proceed with caution.


1. Frog-catch at dusk or after darkness.
2. Bring a friend or two. 
3. Bring a bucket.
4. Bring a net.
5. Flashlight.
6. Wear boots.
7. Shine flashlight to the pond's edge looking for reflecting EYES.
8. Have your buddies circle from the side and behind.
9. Net the frog then carefully lift into your covered bucket.
10. Pond location, location, location is key.

If you catch a frog, register your jumper at the Duvall Visitor Center before jump time. You can bring your frog in a bucket (filled with 1-2" of water to make them happy) and a cover (so the jumper doesn't leap out) down to Depot Park anytime before 1pm. This event is hosted by Cub Scout Pack 569 from Cherry Valley Elementary.