Parade Application

When does the parade start?

The parade begins at 10:30 on Saturday, June 6, 2020. 
Kiddie Parade will be first then Grand Parade immediately after.

How much is it to participate in the parade?

There is no cost to participate as an individual or family in the kiddie parade.

Cost to participate with an organization is $25 if a club or school.  The cost is $50 for government officials or candidates, as well as private or commercial vehicles.

What do I need to be in the kiddie parade?

If you are Kiddie Parade participant...
1. Organizer: Fill out the form below as the organizer of your group
2. Parents of kids marching:  Fill out the Online Kiddie Waiver form (preferred method) or download the hard copy Kiddie Waiver form.

Do I need insurance to be in the parade?

If you are walking in the parade, you do not need insurance.  

If you are riding in a street-legal vehicle that has full insurance, proof of coverage for that vehicle must be provided.

If you have a float, tank, or commercial anything, you need insurance.

Here are two options for fulfilling this requirement.

Option #1 – Business Insurance 

  • If you have business insurance, contact your agent and ask for two Certificates of Insurance from your provider.  You will need to provide TWO separate certificates; one for the City of Duvall and another for the Duvall Days Festival.
  • Request that the Duvall Days Festival and City of Duvall be named as Additional Insureds under your General Liability coverage on the Certificates.  The following wording must be present on the certificates in order to fulfill the insurance requirements. Provide the following instructions to your agent:
    • COI #1. The City of Duvall, it's agents, officials, elected, or employees are named as additional insured in regard to the named insured's usual operations in regards to Duvall Days, June 6, 2020.

      Certificate Holder reads: City of Duvall, PO Box 1300, Duvall, WA 98019.

    • COI #2. The Duvall Days Festival is named additional insured in regards to the named insured's usual operations as they pertain to Duvall Days, June 6, 2020

      Certificate Holder reads: The Duvall Days Festival, PO Box 219 PMB#204, Duvall, WA 98019

Option #2 – ACT Insurance 

  • 1-day insurance certificates as low as $39.00 -website:
  • Add Duvall Days Festival and City of Duvall as Additional Insureds (Certificate Holders).
    • Certificate Holder #1:The Duvall Days Festival, PO Box 219 PMB#204, Duvall, WA 98019
    • Certificate Holder #2: City of Duvall, PO Box 1300, Duvall, WA 98019

2020 Duvall Days Parade Entry Application

Please let us know if you need special parade exit planning assistance. If your parade entry is to large to make the turn up Stewart Street next to Rock’n E Feeds we need to know and come up with an alternative plan. Or if you need to get down to the park for some reason right after the parade, please let us know asap.