2020 Special Activities Application

Are you wanting to host a special event at Duvall Days this year?  Petting zoo?  Running of the balls? Kids Zone?

Please fill out the form below so we can place you in an appropriate location, arrange a good time in the schedule and help promote your event through our various marketing channels.

Certificate of Insurance Requirements (COI)

General Liability insurance is a requirement  for all activities participating in Duvall Days. This is a requirement from the City of Duvall and we are unable to grant any waivers. The act of having insurance protects you, the City of Duvall and The Duvall Days Festival non-profit from liability or litigious events caused by unforeseen accidents should they occur at your activity.  Please submit your certificates for the 2020 Duvall Days festival within two weeks of completing your application.  Certificates provided last year are NOT valid.  Please email your certificates to insurance@duvalldays.org along with any questions that you may have.

Contact your agent and ask for two Certificates of Insurance from your provider.  Request that the Duvall Days Festival and City of Duvall be named  as Additional Insureds under your General Liability coverage on the Certificates.

You will need to provide TWO separate certificates; one for the City of Duvall and another for the Duvall Days Festival.  The following wording must be present on the certificates in order to fulfill the insurance requirements. See explicit instructions below that MUST be followed.

COI #1. The City of Duvall, it's agents, officials, elected, or employees are named as additional insured in regard to the named insured's usual operations in regards to Duvall Days, June 6, 2020.

Certificate Holder reads: City of Duvall, PO Box 1300, Duvall, WA 98019.

COI #2. The Duvall Days Festival is named additional insured in regards to the named insured's usual operations as they pertain to Duvall Days, June 6, 2020.

Certificate Holder reads: The Duvall Days Festival, PO Box 219 PMB#204, Duvall, WA 98019

City Permit: You will be included in our overall Duvall Days Festival special permit so you DO NOT need to file an individual one with the city.
Special Event Marketing
You will be included in our event map and in our promotions of the event. Please make sure you fill out the form below completely so we can properly market your event. Also please upload up to 4 images of your event or products at your event so we can share and promote, activities@duvalldays.org.

Some Helpful Links

We encourage you to review the resource links we have provided below if you plan on hosting an event in any of these categories.

Special Activities Application

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    • All activities and special event hosts will need to ensure they have a Certificate of Insurance with both the Duvall Days Festival and City of Duvall mentioned along with the insured or host party. Please click below if you understand this requirement and will provide this insurance at within 2 weeks of application submission to the Duvall Days Festival. If you do not understand this requirement or how to obtain this document, contact insurance@DuvallDays.org
    • No Fee to Participate

      In honor of the Duvall Days Festival 60th Anniversary we are waiving the $250 fee for fundraising activities.
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