Community Stage Application

Duvall Days (Saturday, June 1, 2019) is a family-oriented community celebration. This year Duvall Days will be focused on local, family-friendly entertainers.  To that end, we invite you to be a part of your celebration and share your talent with family and friends on the Duvall Days Community Stage.

The Duvall Days Festival is seeking a true variety show collection of entertainment including dance, music, acting, comedy, magic or whatever your special talent may be.  Preference will be given to applicants that are primarily youth-oriented, meaning that they are youth performers or are providing youth-oriented entertainment.

Each performer or group will be allotted up to 30 minutes of stage time. Performances are expected to begin at 11:30 AM and continue until 4 PM.  Specific time slots will be assigned once all approved applicants have been selected.

All performances will be on a volunteer basis. There will be no payments made to Community Stage performers.

Community Stage Application

  • City where your organization/group is based?
  • Please give us a brief description of your planned performance.(If your organization will have multiple performers please tell us how many performers you will have and what each performer will be doing. Keep in mind that if your organization will have multiple performers performing individually, your time slot of up to 30 minutes must be shared among all your performers).

    Please list any special performance requirements we may need to accommodate: (Example - "We have pre-recorded music that will need to be played during our performance.")
  • Tech needs would be microphone setup and additional stage setup requirements.