EVENT ROAD CLOSURE:  Saturday, June 3rd, Main Street closes between Stewart & 143rd from 7am-5pm. See Road Closure Map >>

2017 Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in our 57th Annual Duvall Days Festival on June 3rd 2017! Prior to submitting your application, please read over the following to ensure you can comply with all of our requirements.

Application Process:

Once you have completed your online application process you will receive notification of your approved/denied application within 14 business days. If you are approved, you will still need to ensure your Certificate of Insurance (COI) is submitted by the required date due, if not you are subject to losing your booth space.

Certificate of Insurance (COI):

Insurance is a requirement from the City of Duvall and we are unable to grant any waivers for this requirement. The act of having insurance protects you, the City of Duvall and Duvall Chamber of Commerce from liability or litigious events caused by unforeseen accidents should they occur at your booth.

We understand some of our smaller vendors do not carry day-to-day business insurance and with that, we’d like to share these resources with you. We’ve outlined a few easy steps for you to obtain very affordable insurance for this festival, and if you are attending additional festivals such as the Carnation 4th of July or Fall City Days, there is an option to obtain a COI for those at no additional costs to you.

Option #1 – Homeowners / Business Insurance

  • If you have homeowners or business insurance, call your agent and ask for a Certificate of Liability from your provider.
  • Request that the Duvall Chamber of Commerce and City of Duvall be named on the Certificate.
  • If this is not something you can get, continue to Option # 2.

Option #2 – ACT Insurance

  • 1-day insurance certificates as low as $39.00 - website: https://www.actinsurance.com/
  • Add City of Duvall and Duvall Chamber of Commerce as additional insured.

Option #3 – Event Helper

  • If you are participating in other events that require a COI go here: eventhelper.com
  • This website allows for 1 day or multiple day event insurance purchase.
  • The steps below will allow you to purchase the insurance for $104.24
  • Fill out the web form sections 1-9 paying attention to these inputs:
    • Section #1 - # of people at event - use the number 25
    • Section #2 - Uncheck alcohol coverage
    • Section #5 - Check no on everything
    • Section #7 - Add Duvall Chamber of Commerce and City of Duvall under “Add Additional”
  • Certificate will be emailed immediately.

Booth Options:

Duvall Days is a 2-day festival however; our vendors are only allowed to sell on day-1 of the festival – NO EXCEPTIONS. Here are the options that will be available for this year’s vendor hours of operation:

  • Main Street: 9am to 4pm
  • Duvall PD Lot: 9am to 6pm
  • McCormick Park: 11am to 10pm

Movement of Booths

You are not allowed to move your booth at any time, if someone is in the way of your booth space during set up of the festival please alert one of the volunteers so they can assist. Duvall Days Festival reserves the right to move your booth at any time prior to the festival and if we need to do so we will notify you immediately.

UBI/Tax ID #:

In order to be a Duvall Days Festival Vendor a UBI or Tax ID # is required. If you do not have one of these for your day-to-day business use, you can obtain a temporary one these three ways:


Power is not available from Duvall Days Festival in any way. If you require power generators are allowed as long as they are 25ft away from any booth or building.

Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi):

Wi-Fi is not available from Duvall Days Festival in any way. You are allowed to use your own hot spot at your booth, we do not cover any costs associated to this.


We understand things happen and things change, we will accept cancellations with a refund of your booth fee up until April 15th, 2017. After that date, all cancellations will result in loss of your booth fee.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at the e-mail below

Vendor Coordination Team
Duvall Days Festival

Ready to apply?  Vendor spots are available on a first come, first-served basis.
Spots already full for Lularoe and Scentsy. We will no longer be accepting applications for those businesses.